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Snow Fun Board Game - Includes a game board and 63 snow question cards (ranging from easy to difficult in skill level).

Our Happy Snowman Interactive Story -  includes the book and snowman parts that students can add as the story is read.

Snowman Battle - Includes playing cards and extra game cards unique to this battle game!





Winter Lotto - This game contains four game boards and corresponding picture cards. It is a great way to teach seasonal vocabulary and spatial concepts.


Gingy the Gingerbread Game - Each player receives a game board & disassembled Gingy. During this simple dice game, players take turns rolling the die and collecting the corresponding body parts.

The first player to build Gingy the Gingerbread Man wins the game.

Use this game for teaching/reinforcing naming body parts, numbers 1-6, part to whole concept, and turn taking skills.

Winter Barrier Game - This game can be used as a simple naming game for younger students and can also be used as a more advanced barrier game for older students. Use this game to target auditory processing, following directions, understanding & using spatial concepts, requesting clarification, and describing skills.  


Polar Freeze Battle Game - This game includes the playing cards and a "Meet the Animals" fact sheet. Talk about the different types of animals that inhabit the north and south poles while playing this winter battle game! Learn the animals' names, where they live and what they eat.

Snowball Fight Barrier Game - This barrier game provides an opportunity to improve their speech skills as well as their language skills. Students must listen and give instructions while playing. Also included are 24 question cards that address winter topics (winter clothing, Olympics, weather, etc).

Winter Grid Games - This game set includes 4 different grid games. Print as many as needed to accommodate your students. Game boards include: Hats, Coats, & Winter Mittens; Polar Bears, Eskimos, & More!; Penguins, Walruses, & Seals, Oh My!; and Gingerbread and Friends.

March of the Penguins - This fun board game includes the game board and nine penguin game markers. Your students will enjoy trying to get their penguins to the South Pole.

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