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Set 1 - Introduction to the Speech Kids

1. Meet the Speech Kids book

Use this book to introduce the Speech Kids to your speech kids.  Each Speech Kid has a target sound (k/g, f/v, l, s/z, r, th, ch, sh) and a few of them are also working on language, voice and fluency).  The book has wh questions after each character description.  Use these questions to elicit targeted responses for articulation, voice and fluency, or to reinforce listening comprehension, listening for details, answering wh questions correctly, recalling information, etc.

2. Speech Kids Fun Sheets

This is a set of 10 fun worksheets for targeting language and articulation skills (k/g, f/v, l, s/z, r, th, ch, sh).  Worksheet formats include word searches,  crossword puzzles, fill-in-the-blank stories, and poems with associated  questions. There are also two generic worksheets that can be used to target language and/or any speech sound.

3. Speech Kids Memory Game

This is a fun matching memory game featuring the Speech Kids and their family members, friends, and pets. 
Use this game to elicit responses from word level to conversation.  Target articulation, language, voice, and fluency!  There are two options for game play to accommodate younger and older students.

Set 2: Fun with the Speech Kids

1. Our Favorite Things Book

Use this book to elicit responses from word level to conversation and to address categories, naming, and describing with students working on language.

2. Shopping Spree Game

This fun board game is a great way to encourage students to use their best speech and language skills. The game includes a game board with 10 stores for the Speech Kids to visit. Each player gets a shopping list of items that have their target sounds. As they make their way around the mall and land on stores, they can ask for the items on their shopping list. The first player to get all of the items on his list is the winner. This is a great way to target categorization/classification, naming. Expand on language by ask wh questions after each players turn!

3. Our Sight Words

This is a set of sight word lists organized by target sound.  Use these sheets to address classroom reading curriculum as well as articulation, grammar/syntax (have students make up sentences using the words), etc...

Set 3: Speech Kid Adventure Stories

This is a set of 8 adventure stories featuring the Speech Kids.

Cozmo Goes Camping
Cheery Cheers At The Beach
Fuzzy Visits A Farm
Lilly And The Pillow Fight
Rusty Takes A Walk Through the Rainforest
Shakey's Ocean Adventure
Speechie And The Spelling Bee
Thinker Goes To The Theater

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